Digital Development

I have many years experience developing website, mobile apps and plugins/modules. Whether you’re after a full site or a simple interaction module, I’m sure I can help.

I have been writing html, css & javascript for just over 20 years, so this is partly why I would say I specialise in front end development.

I also contributed to the html5 specification in 2011 when I was an invited expert on the development work group and have a background in graphic design.

There is a lot more to front end design than how it looks, and that’s where my other skills come into play.

As I’ve been working in digital development for many year, I’ve worked on a large number of project and taken almost as many roles in the development teams.

I am therefore experienced in programming, graphic design, user interface design, API development and integration, data migration, system administration and project manager.

Having this breadth of knowledge help me to make the correct decisions when working on any development project.

Hi, my name is Pete Stewart, if you want to get in touch about a project, please send me an email:

Otherwise you can find me on Twitter @pj_stew, Linkedin, and a few other social networks.

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