Website Performance Optimisation & Consultancy

How well a website performs is really the most important part of website design & development. If a website doesn't perform the tasks it was designed for, it doesn't really matter how beautifully designed or fully featured the website is. Features and design are key ingredients to a well developed website, however the overall performance is the main metric.

Starting a new project?

It's always best to embrace website performance from the beginning of development, with performance budgets and a clear understanding of key performance indicators. This allows for a website to be designed and developed with it's performance in mind, enabling design and feature decisions to be informed by performance, encouraging smarter user experience choices to be made.

Have an existing project?

Existing website can also always have their performance optimised and we can then set performance budgets and analyse the performance goals and indicators. With existing sites you also have the added benefit of user data that can aid in development of the websites performance budget.

Charity, Not-for-profit or NGO?

Fine tuning a websites performance can have a huge effect on conversions and often makes the difference for a website to achieve its goals. For this reason I am always keen to work with Charities, Not-for-profits and NGOs that aims have a positive impact in the world. I will usually offer a discounted rate for such orginisations and can occasionally offer pro bono consultancy. So please do get in touch.

Website Performance Consulting

Digital consultancy can play a key part in the development cycle, especially in the early planning stages.

Code Review and Audit

If you have a live project that isn't quite performing as expected, I offer remove code review and audit, and can then advise on performance optimisations.

Website Performance Optimisation

Many websites struggle with performance, so our tailored website performance optimisation is one of our most valued services.



We have contacted Pete on a number of occasions for website based emergencies which were baffling us, and he always responded quickly and managed to uncover the problem and fix it with patience and determination which was of huge help to us.

He also detected that our website wasn't performing as well as it should be and was not actually complying with up to date legislation which we hadn't been aware of.

Pete did some optimisation work for our site and as a result it now works smoothly and quickly even on a poor internet connection.

He has really sped up our ability to get work done and with less frustration.

He takes the time to explain technological concepts in a way that helps us to understand them and empowers us to feel a little more confident about how to understand and resolve issues.

We'd recommend him to anyone.

Pete is a highly knowledgeable and experienced web developer complete with the self motivation and determination to see projects through from start to finish.

Equally energised and committed at the end of a project as he is at the start, working with Pete is a pleasure because you know he'll relish working out the bugs at the end of a project just as much as he enjoys those early honeymoon stages.

All round good guy too.

Pete is passionate about developing the right solution in the right way he writes solid code and he's a thoroughly nice guy to boot.

You should hire him!

Contact Me

Hi, my name is Pete Stewart, if you want to get in touch about a project, please send me an email:

Otherwise you can find me on Twitter @pj_stew, Linkedin, and a few other social networks.

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