Code Review and Audit

If you have a live project that isn’t quite performing as expected, I offer remove code review and audit, and can then advise on performance optimisations.

Code reviews and audits are a quick an inexpensive way of hiring me to help improve your website load time and overall performance.

This can usually be carried out remotely and takes between 1 and 4 days depending on the complexity of the project.

If your project code is of a size that would take me longer than four days to review and audit, then you should probably consider digital consultancy rather than a code review.

Code reviews and audits are really designed for clients who have a digital team or web developer ready to implement changes, and a after a specialist to advise on changes to improve the load time and website performance.

If you are unsure if you would benefit from a code review and audit, there are fortunately a few quick tests you can run to see how well your website is currently performing.

If you run your website through Pingdom you should ideally be getting a performance grade of “A 100” and a load time ideally under 1 second, but under 2 seconds is acceptable if you have a image/video heavy site.

If your load time is above 2.5 seconds, then a code review will almost certainly be useful.

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Otherwise you can find me on Twitter @pj_stew, Linkedin, and a few other social networks.

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